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Blockcahain technology is a great innovation on the internet. Traditionally, the server stores all types of data in a centralized location, which is subject to serious security risks. Blockchain technology developers have created a system that distributes data storages across computers around the world. The security of this system is unmatched, which is why the WTF coin development team decided to create a currency that works on the Blockchain network.

The WTF Protocol is a community-driven, justly launched DeFi token on Binance's smart chain (BSC) that arose out of a desire to introduce a new standard of professionalism in a market segment that was largely characterized by a lack of development and marketing effort or innovation to maintain momentum and gain constant profits from holders.

This whitepapper will convey the clear and concise vision for the WTF coin, and the additional technology that the development team of WTF coin will bring, the speciffic distribution of the token and a detailed roadmap of the project.

About WTF

WTF was developed by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, dApp developers and marketers. Our team has a wealth of experience in cryptocurrency development and marketing. The token was designed to support a large number of investors and generate high returns for participants.

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) offers significant benefits to retail investors who would otherwise be unable to participate due to prohibitive gas fees on other networks, the ubiquitous use of bots, and a host of other complications that keep small traders from investing. to projects on the Ethereum blockchain. The BSC protocol, from the very beginning, allows you to invest without loss, which is no longer possible on the Ethereum network due to its high market capitalization and gas cost. In addition, a portion of each investment goes towards building a local community base. It is the perfect combination of business and innovation with a clear and concise roadmap to support the world of cryptocurrency As the WTF coin becomes the main currency, it will simultaneously help everyone to gain personal freedom and a safe home to live.


The global trend after the acute phase of the crisis in 2008 was the weakening of the middle class in the world, while before the crisis its share in the total volume of world wealth remained stable for a long time. At the same time, the share of 1% of the richest people in the global volume of wealth has exceeded 50% and continues to grow. We say to the global crisis - What The Fuck ???

Investing in WTF goes much further than making money. Part of every investment goes towards creating a safe place for the entire community.

As the WTF coin becomes the main currency, it will simultaneously help everyone to gain personal freedom and a safe home to live in. Together we can achieve significant results.

Why WTF?

WTF coin is a community-backed coin. We encourage communication with all holders who want to be part of the move forward. The WTF developers strive for complete transparency with the community as we move forward together. Our team is built on trust, knowledge and vast development experience. We know that there are many unreliable or dead coins that are solely the result of poor planning, lack of experience, or greed.

WTF solves three main problems in the current cryptocurrency market: WTF has much higher transaction speeds compared to tokens on Bitcoin or Ethereum networks. It cannot be hacked or stolen by cyberattacks, and is completely computer controlled, eliminating the possibility of human error. In addition to these major technological improvements, it is optimal for investors and is specifically designed to give the holders back their initial investment.

WTF technology


BSC (Binance Smart Chain) was created with one single purpose - to preserve the bandwidth of Binance Chain by adding smart contracts to it. The BSC blockchain is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine, and its launch significantly enhances the practical value of Binance Chain and BNB. BSC is creating an ecosystem in which validators, token holders, developers and all users can benefit from a promising blockchain with high performance and ample room for further innovation.

The launch of BSC by the Binance Chain community demonstrated its full readiness for the DeFi (decentralized finance) revolution. Today, the public is showing increased interest in alternative blockchain-based financial solutions. With the launch of BSC, DeFi projects and the entire blockchain community can benefit from the best Binance Chain offerings, as well as support for smart contracts, cross-chain interoperability and other BSC benefits.


The WTF team knows that it can be difficult for a beginner to understand the basic principles of blockchain technology. Most users face difficulties in the initial stages of using the technology. Therefore, one of the main marketing solutions proposed by our team is a fast and secure connection to the network, adding a token to a personal address, as well as a simplified purchase system. Also, our team uses active means of promotion in the offline space, which are described in more detail on the project website.


Continuous combustion under any protocol can be beneficial in the early days of a project, however this means that combustion cannot be limited or controlled in any way. Having a burn being monitored by the team and progressing along the roadmap based on achievements helps maintain rewards and community awareness. Manual incineration conditions and amounts can be advertised and tracked. WTF is committed to implementing a combustion strategy that is beneficial and rewarding for those involved in the long term. In addition, the total number of WTFs burned is shown in our website report, which provides additional transparency in determining the current number of WTFs burned at any given time.


The system has generated a total of 100,000,000 WTF tokens. The development team has optimized the distribution for maximum token efficiency. 1% of tokens will be part of the bounty reward. 25% will be set aside for private sale, including paid influencers and promotions. 24% will be used to provide liquidity and 50% will be burned as part of the roadmap. Overall, the WTF is moving forward to maximize the value of the community.


Our tokenomics are based on a deflationary model. Each month, according to the roadmap, the number of tokens determined by the team is burned. Thus, when the last point of the RoadMap is completed, 50% of the total WTF emissions will be burned. Each burning is declared in the roadmap and statistics of the token, for complete transparency of the project.


The WTF token is unlike anything else the BlockChain world has seen. It has an extremely unique tokenomics, developed by an experienced and transparent team, and aims to improve the currency, making thousands of people more free. Thanks to the development of new technologies and marketing, the WTF coin will become the future currency on Earth. The journey will be filled with wins and losses, but loyal members will reap a significant return on their investment. See you on WTF Island!

Work on the exchanger is in progress.

Connection to BSC

Connect the wallet and press the button again.

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Token Status

In poll - 16%
Burned - 20%
Investors - 30%
Users - 34%